We create the world differently.

We deploy state-of-the-art AI machine learning and Immersive technology to augment our Experiential engineer’s designs. Our proprietary technology helps our Engineers form a 360 degree holistic view of every nautical mile, every shoreline, every navigational aspect of a journey, to build visceral experiences inspired by surrounding marine life and remote coastal phenomena, playing on the personal expedition preferences of each of the guests on-board, amplifying their thirst for exploration.

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At Berkeley Rand, we deploy expansive AI and Immersive technologies to augment our experiential creations at sea, from personal explorer concierge apps to deploying Augmented Reality real-time powered glasses and mobile devices, allowing us to use these off-grid and remote locations as a playground, to visually recreate themes, such as the South Pacific WW2 battle scenes, as you survey the panoramic scenic views of solitude around you; or find us designing Augmented Reality treasure hunts covering the entire length of oceanic islands and volcanos, in and around the exquisite natural fauna and geological natural phenomena and secrets each remote island holds; imagine journeys to the deep, in submersibles, inspired by the Blue Planet award winning television series, where Augmented Reality can be used in real time by our guests to view the tracks and breeding ground of a pod of Beluga whales retro-engineering their pathway over several months or years before, extending our view and knowledge of their migration, thousands of miles from where they started the journey to where they will end their journey, while you talk to them with adapted spacial state-of-the-art sound devices set to emit tones in a designed Natural language, inaudible to the human ear, to allow guests to communicate in a language to the marine mammals who swim with you along much of the journey, as companions.

Off-grid experiences
V i s c e r a l
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Our proprietary AI technologies provide for personalised real time alerts and Expedition concierge assistants, where we are preparing our guests to immerse themselves in the remote and off-grid marine and island terrain ahead of the Superyacht, from the deepest sea floors of the oceans to the celestial skies above you, while we deploy such technology to enhance every experience we are creating for our guests on-board.

Our special approach is to fuse together the Immersive technology and our desire as a design and engineering house to create never-before experienced moments in and around the remote islands and oceanic territories this world has to offer, allowing our guests to focus on immersing themselves in the many undiscovered and unpredictable natural layers of adventure that sea life, marine biodiversity and remote virgin shorelines, have to offer the human spirit.

Off-grid experiences
O p t i m u m
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We utilise remote technology from our London Headquarters in real time, to monitor and coordinate our operations during an expedition, optimising our performance of navigation and ‘experiences’ for our clients and their guests, during the journey, where our onboard Experiential Engineers work with our Expedition Control Centre headquartered in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London.

With our remote service hubs, providing a network of constant supplies and logistics for our expeditions and experiences, situated in amongst the most remote regions of the globe, our onboard Experiential Engineers and Expedition Control Centre dynamically evolve our planning and operations, to take into account realtime changes in logistical management, meteorological micro-climates forming, or the unpredictable events of marine phenomena around us, using over 150,000 data nodes on board and remotely to optimise logistics, provisioning, event management for all of our experiences, we design.

Off-grid experiences