Experiential Engineers creating magical off-grid maritime experiences

Our team of Experiential Engineers design off-grid and remote yachting ‘Experiences’ for our explorer guests. We design by themes, sometimes inspired by tales of legendary explorers, recreating maritime versions of fairytales or folklore, playing with molecular gastronomy, introducing scientific exploration, encouraging marine mammalogy to come to life around us, using futuristic spacial 3D sound to communicate to the marine mammals, whilst adapting Immersive technology to augment, enhance and capture the special kaleidoscope of moments we were born to create for our guests onboard, as we sail together through the most remote oceanic regions the blue planet affords us, as we seek to traverse the ‘rand’, the edge of the unknown.

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At Berkeley Rand, Our Experiential Engineers are schooled in marine and remote island adventures, creating never-before navigational designs and experiences within an Expedition, to drive our own unique experiences for private clients, in off-grid and remote locations.

For each Expedition, we select a team from our portfolio of expert off-grid marine planners and designers to create a series of magical experiences throughout the journey, with each experience, one of many during an Expedition, taking weeks or months of preparation and organisation to execute, until every moment is calculated to provide maximum visceral enjoyment and interaction, for each guest.

Explore uncharted territories
a d v e n t u r e s
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We commission the world’s leading authorities in off-grid marine navigation and discovery, aided by ground-breaking Innovative Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technology, to which we apply ourselves in planning to address the finest details from navigational planning and provisioning, to the creation of personalised adventures, bringing together families, friends, guests, captains, crew, whether it be for scientific exploration, geographic or geological phenomena, or teaching the family to adapt to living and communicating with the world’s most remote intelligent sea-life.

Explore uncharted territories
D i s c o v e r y
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The pinnacle of our Expeditions, is not in the logistics we have spent years building and developing, nor is it in our search for the most talented Experiential Engineers and designers of off-grid journeys, nor is it in the bringing together the most experienced off-grid mariners and navigators.

Our marquee asset, is in the experiences we create, the moments that have never been planned before, nor will they exist after the journey has ended. We are a mere servant to our Experiences we will have laboured over, for months. Our Experiential engineers immerse themselves in the creative and logistical process, planning and coordinating each experience within the Expedition, of which there could be several different experiences, with over 50 people working on each Expedition, supported by a network of hundreds of logistical advisors and experts.

Explore uncharted territories