State of the art

To coordinate with our Experiential Engineers on board each client’s Superyacht, alongside our experiential logistics teams operating on the remote shores, rivers, lakes and Islands, before and during Expeditions, Berkeley Rand has developed a real time Live Expedition Control centre, based in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London.

Comprising of state of the art Immersive technology applications, Artificial Intelligence optimisation tools, our Expedition Project Directors and their supporting teams have invested heavily in resource and technology, to service multiple concurrent Expeditions, with separate logistical requirements for each guest on board. This adoption of technology combined with a new breed of Experiential Engineers majoring in maritime experiences, is perhaps the most disruptive change in maritime Expeditions for the last 100 years.
Berkeley Rand has been many years in the making. Nurtured to form a special Design and Engineering house like no other, our co-founders have developed a unique network of Experiential Engineers, combining our work with off-grid maritime explorers and designers, with over two decades of experience and learnings between us. First and foremost, we see ourselves as Experiential creators, whose playgrounds are the maritime seas and oceans before us. Our DNA is that of a Design and Engineering house, proud of its name, its heritage, its legacy and its creations.

Our brand and its mission came together over several years, inspired by our co-founding partners, the tripartite of BWA Yachting, A1 Yachting and Luise Yachting, with over 250 years experience between them, representing together the world’s largest network of yacht agencies with over 600 ports either directly owned or in partnership. Within their DNA is a logistical expertise in servicing yachting client requirements, intensive client management and many special relationships, that span over years, even decades, brands, known to all in the maritime industry.

At Berkeley Rand, we combined this maritime prowess of the tripartite with our expertise in Experiential designs and Immersive technology, spearheaded by teams of logistical experts who know intimately the world’s most remote airports, bonded warehouses, ports and locational challenges, combined with our on-the-ground teams to make each experience we plan, not only possible, but exceptional, for our guests.
Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square Mayfair
London W1J 6BD, United Kingdom