Designers and Engineers of Off-grid Superyacht Expeditions

Berkeley Rand, a design and engineering house, creating unique experiential marine-based expeditions for our Superyacht clients, in amongst the blue planet’s most captivating off-grid and remote locations. Combining state-of-the-art Immersive technology with our passion for designing maritime experiences, led by our Experiential Engineers, traversing the ‘rand’ of human exploration.

yacht sailing at sunset

As designers and engineers, we are inspired to weave our off-grid experiences, encompassing all the navigational elements we encounter, whether they be marine biology, marine mammalogy, oceanic history both ancient and human, celestial navigation, molecular gastronomy or scientific exploration, turning every expedition we design into a once in a lifetime adventure for our guest explorers.

Whether we are creating experiences to take place in and around the Arctic circle or the Antarctic and the surrounding Island archipelagos of the South Atlantic, or crossing the South Pacific to the Indian Ocean, we are designers of immersive adventures searching for unique opportunities to launch our experiences.

Our raison d’être is to traverse the “rand”, the nautical name given by the great sea explorers during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The ‘rand’, was often used to describe the edge of the marine unknown and by inference, the edge of our known world.

As a design and engineering house, immersed in maritime exploration, we are engineering a return to these times but adopting the newest technologies available to maritime exploration, alongside designing and launching experiences throughout an Expedition, utilising the world’s most skilled maritime off-grid experts to work alongside experiential engineers, using Immersive AI technology to push the envelope further with our unending thirst for sea exploration, breaking the human boundaries of “experiential” discovery, creating a personal narrative and adventure for each guest onboard. We remain true to being artistic designers of the sea and its exploration.

Through the eyes of the explorer
colourful cave in new zealand
yacht sailing in open blue sea
yacht sailing on sunny coast